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Whimsical, colorful, imaginative are some of the words used by art critics to describe the creations of San Antonio artist Sherry Tolar.  They are that, but they also bring chuckles of delight to all who discover these mid-size sculptures of terra cotta "Wild Women", expressive playful “Birds” and unique “Nativities”.

"I love what I create.  It's like being a child again, drawing and dressing my own paper dolls, only this time with a variety of mediums, clay, fabrics, yarn, ribbons, feathers and beads", said the artist in a recent interview.

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Sherry was influenced by a very creative, do it yourself family.  Her Mother was an artist, designing and embroidering felt jackets for the San Antonio Market.  Meantime, Sherry was busy creating paper dolls and their accessories.  Soon, she and her sisters were sewing their own clothes, inspired by the Seventeen Magazine.  

In her mid 20's Sherry started creating clay wall hangings.  She also took classes from Andre Szabo and John Squire Adams in pastel and portrait and clay sculpture from Peruvian sculptor Luis Guzman at Southwest School of Art.  After taking classes under Guzman she realized her passion was creating figures in terra cotta, but that was put on hold for another twenty years. 

Taking a dramatic turn in 1980 Sherry's ceramic jewelry was in such demand that she started designing, manufacturing and marketing her jewelry in the Dallas, Atlanta, East and West Coast Markets.  Fashion catalogs and Boutiques were her customers. Critics and customers described her work as colorful and delightful. 

After twenty years of wholesale marketing Sherry tried to retire but realized she missed the creative challenges of her career.  She began applying her zeal for color into her home by painting walls, creating vividly painted tiles, mosaics and sculptures which now greet her guests and brighten their lives.

Today all of this energy has returned Sherry to a professional
career of creating capricious, fanciful characters of clay and fabrics. 
Sherry's foot high creations are a delight to behold.

Picture of Sherry Tolar on stair tiles created by her

My passion and fascination
for colors, shapes and textures
come together through a variety of mediums, blossoming into amusing, fantastic, terra cotta personalities. “
~ Sherry Tolar Berryhill


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Picture of Sherry Tolar creating her Wild and Wacky Women sculpture